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Your Story Is Our Passion

Film is the most powerful media tool for bringing people together. The “Two” in Two Story Films represents the connection between viewer and subject; the spark that occurs when a film gives us a window into another person’s experience and story.

Jedd Goble :: Founder & Storyteller

After studying English Writing at Westmont College, I merged my long-time passion of film with my love for storytelling and began to produce short promotional documentaries for non-profit organizations. I had opportunities to bring my camera abroad to Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, and all corners of the San Francisco Bay Area that I call home. The filmmaking process was thrilling, and working with meaningful causes gave me a sense of purpose like I’d never felt before. Having found my calling, I went back to school to study film production, and founded Two Story Films in 2012.

I believe that stories are universal, and penetrate into the essence of what makes us human. Whether it’s a newly engaged couple in love, a young student living in Thailand, or a courageous startup company in Silicon Valley, there is always a story waiting to be told. Your film deserves to be told in not only a visually captivating way, but also in a way that captures your own brand of personality. Contact me, and let’s create something great together!

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