I knew that Tom was building an airplane. Since I already wanted to learn more, he seemed like the perfect fit for the “Big Shorts” contest put on by Stillmotion. Little did I know that he was building not just any airplane, but a Velocity XL 5; an experimental home-built aircraft that looks nothing like your average Cessna. Growing up, I dreamt about being a pilot, so this was a really fun experience for me to geek out over aviation technology. Not only was the plane impressive, but Tom ended up being awesome to interview and film. He has a great sense of humor and I love his passion and his excitement for building his own aircraft. He was a great sport about filming and I had a blast making this video with him.

I heard about Stillmotion’s video contest only a few days before the deadline, but still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a personal critique from them and have a chance to attend a shoot with some filmmakers I’ve admired for years. Just 24 hours before the deadline, I started shooting this video, and spent the following day putting together a cut. This was a really fun challenge, especially on such a short deadline. Thanks for hosting this, Stillmotion!

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