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I knew that Tom was building an airplane. Since I already wanted to learn more, he seemed like the perfect fit for the “Big Shorts” contest put on by Stillmotion. Little did I know that he was building not just any airplane, but a Velocity XL 5; an experimental home-built aircraft that looks nothing like your average Cessna. Growing up, I dreamt about being a pilot, so this was a really fun experience for me to geek out over aviation technology. Not only was the plane impressive, but Tom ended up being awesome to interview and film. He has a great sense of humor and I love his passion and his excitement for building his own aircraft. He was a great sport about filming and I had a blast making this video with him.

I heard about Stillmotion’s video contest only a few days before the deadline, but still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a personal critique from them and have a chance to attend a shoot with some filmmakers I’ve admired for years. Just 24 hours before the deadline, I started shooting this video, and spent the following day putting together a cut. This was a really fun challenge, especially on such a short deadline. Thanks for hosting this, Stillmotion!

Emily & Paul

Becky & Tim

The Sold Project

Responding to the question I get so often, “How was Thailand?” is impossible to answer in a blog post, let alone a word or a sentence. The only thing I can say about it completely honestly is: it was an experience.

Those two months were so greatly varied, it’s hard to apply a label even to the “overall” experience. There were highs and lows, successful days of filming and “off-days,” moments of pride and moments of struggle, days of feeling beaten back by the insurmountably rampant sex trade, and days of hopefulness in SOLD’s work.

The film we put together will be used as a tool for The SOLD Project the share their mission, raise awareness, and continue fighting child prostitution through prevention. It was an incredible experience and truly an honor working with them.

I expected the seven weeks of filming to present challenges for finding something new to shoot, but we always seemed to be busy capturing footage. At the same time, I don’t feel like I needed to stay there longer to get what we needed, seven weeks was just about the right amount of time.

We traveled to the red light districts of Bangkok, the beaches of Phuket, the busy markets of Chiang Mai, the rice fields of Chiang Rai, and everywhere in between. I don’t have an exact count, but in total I captured around 35 hours of footage. Working on this project made me even more passionate about SOLD’s mission, and I hope the video brings in support for them and helps raise awareness about the tragedy of child prostitution.